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tv   Action News  ABC  August 6, 2014 1:36am-2:12am EDT

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this was the scene tonight in pennypack park in northeast
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philadelphia. homicide detectives are searching for clues and interviewing people. they want to know why a female jogger was found dead this morning. was it an accident or a case of foul play? the latest in the probe of the death ofw÷w connie mcclain-murray. her body was found in the park this morning. dann cuellar is live at police headquarters. dann, what is the latest here? >>reporter:a lot of new information tonight. they are working the case hard and heavy. they do believe this to be an apparent homicide and possible sexual assault. could it be the work of a serial rapist that remains on the loose? >> it happened near the crispin
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area in pennypack park. they questioned people that may have seen anything. they want to know about anyone that is known no frequent the area. >> we have young kids that get high. that is all the trash that you find there. >>reporter:the body of connie mcclain-murray was found at 6:00 by a woman walking her dog. she didn't have a cell phone. she had to stop a septa bus driver to call the police. there was signs of a struggle. they are investigating if she has been sexually assaulted. they have not been able to locate her cell phone. >> if anyone knows or heard anything give us a call and pass along the information to our investigators. >>reporter:the victim, born with one arm was walking around at 9:00 last night. finding no sign of her they
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filed a missing persons report at 1:30 this morning. it is near a rash of assaults where the pennypack rape occurred. >> the rapist has not been caught. that makes me uneasy. >> theys arthey are devastated. >> they had a smile on her face. i can't believe this happened. >>reporter:and we expect another busy day for homicide investigators when they receive the medical examiners report. >> the delaware state police are investigating an accident in new
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castle that killed man. the crash happened at 6:20. they are not yet sure why or if the driver will face charges. and an american general was killed today in afghanistan. harrold jay green was shot to death gunned by a man dressed as a soldier. it happened at camp carga west of kabul. he sprayed a meeting of allied troops. two afghan generals and a german general was killed. a doctor infected with the ebola virus arrived today. she has agreed to take a drug the safety not yet tested on humans. kent brantly also at emory
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contracted the disease. writebol's family were planning her funeral. now they are much more hopeful. chaka fattah junior is charged with stealing funds. the son of the congressman went to court today. he's charges with lying about his income to get $200,000 in business loans which he used for personal expenses including gambling deaths. he walked out the court released on his own signature. fattah say they are politically motivated. the congressman did not attend the hearing today.
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but he's sure that his son will be released. a kitten is recovering after given an overdose of heroin. kenneth moton has this story. >>reporter:he's about ten weeks old. this kitten has had a rough life. >> the kitten at ten weeks old is down to eight. >>reporter:it happened at dunwoody drive. they discovered a disturbing scene. james myers in his parked car. nearly under the vehicle and teeth knocked out and rope around his neck. hogan said they found two dozen bags of heroin on mier on o on .
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>> it's a two pound kitten, who would take a kitten and torture it this way? >>reporter:they went to a vet. the vet on duty had to act fast. she used something that is given to human overdose patients narcan. >> the cat came alive. it was a rare use to help a badly injured animal. hope, named after the clinic. >> hope is making a good recovery and eating and playing. >>reporter:hope will be transferred to a foster home. myers is facing cruelty and drug charges. kenneth moton "channel~6 action news."
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from our delaware newsroom wilmington police gave new meaning to protect and serve. they were serving water ice. it's part of national night out. the community members that attended in haynes park got a close-up look at police equipment like the swat vehicle. and charms ramsay was one of many law enforcement officers on hand tonight at the night out event. this was helped at con park at 11th and pine with many activities especially for the kids. we mark national night out by creating dialogue between the viewers and philadelphia police. they took part in a live webchat in our studios. it included questions about police response times, corruption in the department, what the city residents can do to combat crime.
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engaging the residents through the web and media is getting feedback. you can read the officer's officers from today's chat right now on donald trump want his name stripped from two casinos. they are damaging his reputation. he filed a lawsuit in the superior court. he no longer operates the taj~mahal and trump plaza. he retain as 10% stake to use his name. the trump plaza is set to close next month. and pop star katy perry performed her second concert in philadelphia. in addition to the music there was money for education and two teachers and two students that got to meet katy perry before the show.
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live at the wells fargo center tonight sharrie williams. quite a night tonight? i think so jim. they were excited to meet katy perry as the students were. she is wrapping up her show on the stage. she wants to use her celebrity to promote green hair and cool songs but education. she is hoping to make a difference to the teachers and students in the area. it's a night to remember for two local teachers and two lucky students. they met katy perry before she took the stage at wells fargo center. >> it was amazing. it is the first time i ever met a real celebrity. >> she was down earth and personable. i said you are pretty.
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she said you are too. that made my life. >>reporter:there is more than once-in-a-lifetime meeting. staples partnered with katy perry make more happen. it's to support teachers. >> the funding is very difficult in philadelphia as you know. >>reporter:staples donated $1 million to donors that help the teachers pay for projects in their classroom. >> i believe in education. i believe that education is power and strength and enpowerment. >> she received a grant to purchase a roundtabl round tablr students. >> i will have a small group. i will be right in the middle. >> and she plans to use her grand money to buy supplies for her physics class. >> i don't know what i would
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have done without the grant money. or what my students would have done. it's giving them a better chance in their education. >>reporter:it's a great night for the teachers and students. the $1 million will be used around the country to help cash-strapped school districts. $130,000 will be in the philadelphia area. it will help 174 teachers. sharrie williams, "channel~6 action news." thank you, sharrie. more than a billion internet passwords have been ston i stoln the biggest hack attack in history. cecily. the high in philadelphia 90 degrees. we are tracking a system that brings a few storms and a big
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change in our forecast. and kimmo timonen and
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14 people were hurt today when two double-decker buses collided in manhattan's times square. it shutdown a stretch of 7t 7th avenue for hours. the gray line tour bus rolled into the intersection at the high sped. it knocked a lamppost to the ground. none of the injuries are expecting to be life-threatening. they arrested a pleasantville man and strangled a woman and stuffed her body in a suitcase. her remains were found by a
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hunter seven months ago. an investigation that involved the fbi led the officials to 27-year-oldste-year-old steven . she is held on a $1 million bail. israel has withdrawn its troops. they are relaxed with the fighting suspended and palestinians visited shops and marketplaces. this was anything but normal. the palestinians are surveying ruined neighborhoods. there are talks aimed at long-termed truce. it trapped an elderly woman in her car. the airmen pulled the woman to safety. one of them nearly needed to be rescued himself when he slipped into the rushing water.
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he regained his balance and made it out with a hand from his fellow airman. a report says that russian harkers have stolen 1.2 billion names and pas passwords. it may be the biggest theft of internet credentials in history. the cyber crooks stole from websites. talk about finding a skeleton in someone's closet. how about the university of pennsylvania museum unearthing 6500 year old bones in its own basement. it was excavated in the 1930s in iraq and kept in an unlabeled
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box. they digitized the collection when they realized that the dusty coffin was an important find from the ancient city. most of the people were not shelling out the $1,240 cost by themselves. they are paid by professional coin collectors to wait in line and make a purchase. why go to all the effort? the value of certified first-day issued coins skyrockets. it could end up making a profit of 3 to $4,000. it's word waiting around the
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block for a while. even on a hot day like today. things are cooling off. we are showing we are rain-free. there is a cluster of downpours near baltimore. this is a view from the sprinkle garden overpass. a quiet and warm and humid night. reading 74. wilmington is 74. in philadelphia the dewpoint is 68. that is humid. and dover 70. allentown and reading not that humid. the dewpoints will begin to drop as a cold front moves through. we are showing the front
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stretches from new england down to pennsylvania. not a lot of moisture associated with that. the front will be moving through earlier in the day with clouds. at 7:30 in the morning philadelphia, areas north and east a good amount of sunshine. the front slips through. you see the line of clouds developing along it. that bring as chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow evening. as you see, the best chance is well south of philadelphia. it's not a widespread event. not everyone will see the stomps. 86. warm. a scattered thunderstorm is possible. it allow the winds to shift out of the north. it brings dropping humid on thursday. 84. it opens the door for high pressure to pleaded guilty in and stick around through the end
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of the week and through the weekend. it brings us an extended stretch of nice august weather. the rip currents are a big concern thanks to bertha heading out to the sea. it churning up the seas. on the beaches a mix of sun and clouds and at 11:00, 30 degrees. you don't want to go swimming where the lifeguards are not on duty. be careful. a few scattered thunderstorms tomorrow. 86. the best chance south of philadelphia. thursday the humidity is dropping. 84. friday, the pique th pick of th. 84. and saturday still nice, 84. a ne few more clouds drift in. it's more humid. temperatures in the low 80s.
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if 90 was too warm for you the next seven days will be cooler. thank you. this was a night of classic work at musikfest. the moody blues were in bethlehem. they stay true to their signature sounds "knights in white satin" and the township first responders were offering insight into their jobs. they smashed a window in a rescue demonstration. they hope to strengthen community partnership. >> it's mega millions. >> i am carole blackman. it's $100 million. to win the jackpot, you have to
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medical problems for the philadelphia flyers. >> kimmo cannot travel for three weeks. his health is what is most important to him. >> he's going to be out for a while with a blood clot. we don't have a definitive time period. we'll do what we have to do make the team better. >> hextall did that signing michael del zotto.
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he spent most of hi most of -- r piece of trivia, the phils scored their first run in the sixth inning on sunday night. the problem, kyle kendrick pitched great. he gave up the prospect jonathan singleton. one run for the phillies. histories made in the mva today. and what shady ♪
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deposit service. eagles jeremy maclin missed practice. he had soreness in his legs. with maclin out there the fans on friday want to catch a glimpse of the rookie. and jordan matthews running like his hair is on fire. who impressed him the most. you guessed it. >> matthews, the rookie, there is a lot of talk about the wide receivers. i am confident this being the best in the class. >> it means a lot. it tells me i have to continue
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to put the product on the field. i want my players to think that of me. >> dick vermeil went to the birds. >> and join us for the action news sports special great expectations live in chicago at 7:30. it is followed at kickoff. the game on 6abc. finally, as a woman that grew up as a sports enthusiast. they hired a woman becky hammon. she is the first full-timed paid coach on the staff. her goal is to be a head coach in the nba. i say go get them. thank you, jamie. fans flock or flans -- no,
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no. the fans flock, everyone that passes through the gate they get a rookie card. the golden retriever, rookie is in training. he should be ready for duty in 2015. jimmy kimmel live. everybody okay? jimmy's guests ted danson and music from jake owen. for the entire "action news," i am jim gardner.
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